Art, Museums, Critical Thinking, & Advocacy

This section developed from my work as college faculty teaching Critical Thinking, and from my project as a Mellon Humanities Scholar at Hunter College.

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My Mellon Humanities Project: Museums as a Mental Health Resource: Education and Sanctuary

This two-perspective project explores 1) how art museums can be a valuable resource to counter stigma and discrimination against persons with psychological disabilities through art exhibitions and education; and 2) how museums can serve as a safe space and refuge benefiting mental health in the US, as has been done in other nations. My deep-felt thanks to the administrators of the Mellon Public Humanities Scholar Program, my project mentor Prof. Harper Montgomery, and public outreach mentor Madeleine Barnes, for their support!

Past Workshops

Connections: Using Art & Critical Thinking to Explore Mental Health

This 50-minute online workshop, hosted by the International Human Rights Arts Festival, investigated learning about mental health through art, with a framework of critical thinking strategies, an outgrowth of my experience and learning in the Humanities. The workshop was entitled Connections: Using Art & Critical Thinking to Explore Mental Health. It took place on Wednesday, February 24, via Zoom and Facebook Live. Attendees participated in several activities to explore the interpretation of art relating to psychological conditions and emotional states.

Workshop Materials

Below are materials used in the workshop, that can be adapted to use in teaching, for student projects (please be sure to cite properly), for discussions on art and mental health, and for museum tours.

Museum Reflection Worksheet

Here is a Google doc with a worksheet for reflection about museum works. Please feel free to adapt this as needed. It is view only — please copy and paste to your own document.

Word Cloud Worksheet

This Google Doc is a guide to distribute or use for one’s self when touring/observing art. It can be used to document observations or in accompaniment with a journal. It is view only — please copy and paste to your own document.

Activity on Emotional Intelligence

This Google Doc is an activity to make connections between art and emotional intelligence. It is view only — please copy and paste to your own document.

Guide to Preparing Discussion Materials: Art & Mental Health

This guide, adapted from my workshop and project for the Mellon Humanities Scholar program, offers points on how to develop materials for a tour or discussion on making connections between art and mental health.

PDF of Website Workshop Presentation

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