Goat in Abstract (2024) Ink, paper, acrylic, collage. A companion to SunCat.

Goat in Abstract

The first images below of goats are from the upcoming Sybility — The Heathen Perspective Project, featuring girl goats who have hermetic and pagan magic qualities.

Sybility — Horatory
Sybility — Cinnarent

Sybility — Sigmus
Sybility — Vaenessa and Michah

Passengers Owls
(Passengers) A Wise Choice (2022, collage and ink)
(Passengers) Arctic & Antarctic (2022, collage, ink)
Passengers: A Hive Mind
(Passengers) A Hive Mind (2022, collage, ink)
Passengers Lifeboat
(Passengers) Lifeboat (2022, collage, ink)
Passengers Reefer Madness
(Passengers) Reefer Madness (2022, collage, ink)
Passengers Icarus Reborn
(Passengers) Icarus Reborn (2022, collage, acrylic, ink)
Lighthouse with Ravens (2022, Collage, ink)
Fear Frequency Expression
Fear Frequency Expression (2022, Acrylic on canvas)
Fear Frequency Contained
Fear Frequency Contained (2022, Acrylic on canvas)
Suncat (2021, collage, acrylic, paper)

These are the whimsical dancing animals for my R&D.

Dinosaurs in party hats (2021) ink on paper; this is part of whimsical animals.

This is a story sketched out, also part of whimsical animals.

This was for watercolor class. It was based upon an image the prof had of another painting, so I wouldn’t use it, but it is the type of nature aesthetic I like.

This is a page from my comic project.

This is an abstract I did a couple years ago, on controlling anxiety.

This is the final project from class, abstracts on paper, paint and collage, reflecting mysticism.

This is a whimsical take on LGBTQ

These are about responding to injustice, both are collage/paint/ink.

This was the collage for class honoring Shwerner, Chaney, and Goodman.

This was a project for watercolor painting class — Medusa Redeemed. I like mythology and would like to follow up on this.